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Loving yourself is extremely important.

I, myself have imperfections like you.

We all  have flaws, we all have imperfections, even Celebs and Beauty Queens!

We waste most of our times infront of the mirror… right? Well, you are not alone girl because all girls are like that. Some do it to have confidence, to look good, to seek or gather praises from people, to boast… etc.

Insecurity also poisons and kills self-esteem. It kills your confindence and it will keep you away from loving yourself. Loving yourself + confidence = Beauty

See my point? :) 

There are times that I feel so sooooo ugly even when i already have make up and my hair is done well. Especially when I see girls with really beautiful clothes or beautiful faces. I end up looking in the mirror and stare at my face and sigh. I ask myself why i can’t be those girls? And then, we try to be perfect by adding more make up and etc….

Instead of cheering myself up….. I make it more worse. :|

Le’s be honest, We all do that!

One day, i woke up tired of being insecure. I started to ask myself, “Why do I have to be insecure where I can CHOOSE to be beautiful?”

It’s like… There’s a bomb explode in my head. BAM!

See how insecurity poisons and kills us?

Never EVER let INSECURITY invade our inner selves. Let yourself know that you are INDEED beautiful. :) IGNORE your imperfections but let yourself know that IMPERFECTION IS BEAUTY. :)

Even if some people says you’re not.

For me (and I know a lot of girls already knows) that We are all beautiful in different races, sizes, and colors.

This message are for girls who are also like me…… before. :)

Please love yourself because it will take you to whatever you wanna be and and and Don’t forget to be yourself! :D

Thank you for reading! :* xo xo xoxoxoxoxxooxxoxoxoxoxoxxo

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